Human history puts big ideas at the test all the time. It seems that current foundation of ideas and social and political narrations is not pertinent anymore. Watching inequalities to increase, democracies to crumble, reshuffles in power structures and the threat of climate disaster, more and more people realize that the current legislation and practices are nothing more but chaos and injustice.
“Respublica” is an artistic project in which artists test the idea of basic income. What happens if we redefine the concept of work? Is work defined only as the activity that aims to increase GDP and is rewarded by salary? Or is there more to it?
Participants of the project had their basic income guaranteed and were required to create a kind of commune that functions off the grid – outside of our regular social and economic structures. They explored work opportunities that do not conform to the common understanding of a 40-hour-per-week labour. It soon became apparent that what occupied and united the participants, was dance and music. Does making music and dancing outside the framework set by the enterntainment industry have a wider, existential meaning?


Directed by Lukasz Twarkowski
Produced by Lithuanian National Drama Theatre and Munich Kammerspiele