Head With Many Thoughts
Group exhibition at CAC
In the autumn of 2019, the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius announced an open call to participate in a group exhibition. The open call presented an opportunity to reflect upon the needs of the art field along with its community, and to explore new ways of working together. “We would like to make an experiment – to invite anyone and everyone to propose ideas, projects, events and processes,” the curators wrote in the invitation; anything that “seems important, interesting to share or to experience with others.”
The exhibition is a polyvocal reflection on time, endings, beginnings, transition and change. It offers no single vision for the future – neither hopeful nor threatening – nor one direction of movement: the present time is marked by a range of simultaneous trajectories and multiple choices.
"Exhibitions" series
I worked for Contemporary Art Centre for more than 5 years as an exhibition photographer. I decided to capture exhibition spaces of CAC during the transition time when expositions are being changed and the centre is empty. I encountered some naturally occurring exhibitions which I presented in the final show.
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