Andrej Vasilenko was invited to a creative residency in Beauvais, where he continued to work on the peri-urban landscape. This series, entitled La Promenade [The Walk], testifies to the photographer’s moments of wandering around the town, capturing artefacts of the spaces and the temporal aspects inherent in the various types of architecture.
"Throughout the residency, I tried to walk as much as I could to explore different areas of the town. As a photographer, I am interested in the identity of places and the way people organise their lives. I am interested in the relationship between past and present in urban space and architecture. The Walk is a small alternative guide to the areas and architecture of Beauvais.”

— Andrej Vasilenko
Andrej Vasilenko was selected for his series “This is Vilnius”, as part of the ERA (European Residency Award), after portfolio readings in Lithuania. This award demonstrates the decision of three festivals – Kaunas Photo festival in Lithuania, Photolux festival in Lucca, Italy and Photaumnales in France – to work together and exchange on contemporary European creation.
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